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"This has been one of the best books I've read in a long time. I wish I could give it 10 stars. I love Sam and Jake's story...didn't want to see it end but what an ending. You will absolutely love this love story."

Marti Shane 


"WoW!! I could not put this book down once I started. Having Nick's view of the story just adds to the thrill of the love stories happening at Promise Lake!"

"Great powerful woman story and message."

"Wonderful mix of mystery and romance. Curtis and Mick’s love story is beautiful! Can’t wait to read the next book!"

"I loved this book. I have read the entire series, and each book gets better! "

Beautiful Landscape


Small towns breed big dreams. I left my hometown of Live Oak, Florida and joined the U.S. Air Force dreaming big. I wanted to fly, didn't we all? Well, here's the thing. (There's always a thing.) After working my butt off to earn my degree with three kids and alternating deployments with my husband, the time had come. Ever heard of the test of basic aviation skills? Yeah, flying's not my thing. Evidently, I have zero sense of direction and would fly the plane directly into the ground.

After 8 years, I decided to keep my feet on the ground and take on corporate America. With my husband still in the military, I kept up the one passion I discovered during our deployments. Writing steamy romance stories. The power of the pen keeps our romance alive when we're apart six months at a time. 

I had thirteen years of success in climbing the corporate ladder, earning my Doctorate along the way. I had little passion for the work, but a girl's got to eat. Turns out, keeping my feet on the ground is overrated. JUMP! Write! There's no such thing as failure as long as you try. I love every second! Thanks for joining the journey.

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