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The Promise Lake Series

The Cavanagh family has a secret that dates back for centuries. In an unbreakable bond with three incredible families, they’re the wealthiest private network in the world. Their clients are in need of protection, and the Pride lets no one escape justice. Except once upon a time when the victims were half-siblings Nick and Sam.

Red Cavanagh broke the rules for the first time in his life, letting their parents escape the justice they deserved. It could cost him his position as the leader of the Pride, but these kids survived unthinkable cruelty, and at ages six and twelve he won’t make them relive it in court. Placing Sam with her grandmother and taking Nick in as his own, he believes in his decision as they grow alongside his own children in Promise Lake. As successful adults open to love for the first time – they’ll have to face off with the monsters they escaped at the risk of losing the love they deserve. Read for free today on Kindle Unlimited or listen for a free credit on

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